Song of Solomon: An Inspiring Love Story

Owen Sypher February 15, 2018

Is the Song of Solomon relevant to us today?


The Song of Solomon is a series of romantic poems that are organized as a dialogue between a woman and her lover. The first part of the poem is spoken by the young woman who wants to be with her lover as she kisses her. Like in Proverbs, Psalms, and Lamentations in whic . . .

Bride of Christ: Explained

Owen Sypher February 8, 2018

What you need to know about the bride of Christ


In your reading of God’s Word, have you ever asked yourself about the bride of Christ? The church is considered to part of the family of God made up of Christians. God the Father considers all the people of the world to be his children. Many consider the church as the bride of Christ, and this bel . . .

A Perspective on the Revelations and the Righteous Path

Owen Sypher January 25, 2018

Revisiting the Holy Bible revelations through new perspectives



Since the dawn of mankind, God has always been present in guiding people toward his righteous path. Unfortunately though, a handful of his children remain ignorant to his presence. His influence on mankind can be found in various occasions, suc . . .

The Life of King Solomon of Israel

Owen Sypher January 18, 2018

Studying the biography of King Solomon of Israel through scripture



Kings are remembered in different ways. Some become famous for the things they have done in their reign, while others make a mark through their personal traits. When it comes to wisdom, King Solomon of Israel is recognized as possibly the w . . .

Discovering God’s Revelations

Owen Sypher January 11, 2018

Learn how God’s revelations speak to you about His will



The Bible is said to be man’s guide to living a righteous life. The Holy Book contains the word of God himself, sent through a few gifted men. These men were deemed to have the heart and the eyes to receive the message of God. They were prophets t . . .