Lessons in Life, Love, and Work from the Song of Solomon

Useful teachings from Song of Solomon to deal with challenges in life

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The Song of Solomon (Songs of Songs)


The Song of Solomon is one of the most intriguing books in the Bible. It is a book of poetry about lovers, courtship, and marriage. And it goes on how they work together in making the ideal family.


However, the book does not always sing about happiness in life. It also details the challenges in life and in a relationship. But what makes Song of Solomon unique from the other books in the Bible is that it talks about physical love within marriage.


The Importance of the Song of Solomon


In contrast to other books of the Bible, the Song of Solomon talks about love in romantic ways. It talks about courtship, marriage, the consummation, and the challenges in marriage. This is what makes the book very important.


Song of Solomon provides a template for the faithful to follow in building families of their own. It is the celebration of love between man and woman. The book shows that life experiences including the love between man and woman is also important to God.


How Can One Apply the Lessons in Life?


The poem of Solomon paints the picture of God’s ideal family, life, and work. The Song of Songs teaches that a household should share the joy of work. Labor is very essential in one’s life. As written in Song of Solomon 1:8, “If you do not know, O fairest among women, follow the tracks of the flock and pasture your kids by the shepherd’s tent.” This passage explains that one can always find a person of worth working.


Song of Solomon 2:12 says, “The time of singing (pruning) has come.” This clearly means that work is a meant to be a celebration of God. This signifies that finding joy in labor for oneself or for family will lead to becoming a success later in life.


In addition, the book offers encouragement from courtship to marriage to the consummation and assurance of love. Also, the Song of Songs teaches readers in accepting changes in life. The verses teach diligence and strength during times of trials. By having the Bible in one’s life, one will be guided by the Word of God in living an ideal and fulfilled life.


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