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Conflicts in the Church that you should be aware of


church history


Many people all over the world do not have enough knowledge when it comes to church history. It was believed that the history of the church began with the meeting of the apostles and presbyters as described in Acts 15:4–9. During this time, they established how Jews and Gentiles should address their relationship with the church and submit to its laws.


There were many conflicts in the church even in the early days in which their principles were ignored as Christianity spread. People in various countries resented the missionaries’ teachings as part of their efforts to colonize these countries, and this resulted in rebellion. Many died and were brutally murdered because of these rebellions. But as time passed, the church slowly regained the people’s trust. The church strongly reminded everyone that people can be won by the message of peace, not war.


In the fourth century, the Council of Chalcedon quarreled about the relationship of God the Father and Jesus Christ, thus Christological controversy arose from various doctrines, including the Word-Flesh and Word-Man Christologies. Both these doctrines coexisted separately, thus the people were divided as a result.


Even though there were many conflicts in the past when it came to what is to be believed and what is the truth, people always found a way to look for something with which they can agree upon, and that was to spread the word of God.


At the beginning of the 20th century, there was an increased expansion of western missionaries, and it was considered as one of the major turning points of the church. It awakened the consciousness of the people about the worldwide extensions of faith adopted by many regional cultures.


Today, even though there are many different branches of Christianisty, people are still strong in their faiths. This is one of the greatest reasons why people have concrete beliefs about the church of Christ. Although the history of the church is not that precise because of the revisions that were made in past, the most important thing is that believers will not hesitate to spread the Word of the Lord, and they are willing to support the advocacies of the church.


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