Important Facts about Church History

Owen Sypher February 22, 2018

Conflicts in the Church that you should be aware of



Many people all over the world do not have enough knowledge when it comes to church history. It was believed that the history of the church began with the meeting of the apostles and presbyters as described in Acts 15:4–9. During this time, they establi . . .

Song of Solomon: An Inspiring Love Story

Owen Sypher February 15, 2018

Is the Song of Solomon relevant to us today?


The Song of Solomon is a hard book to understand because it is considered to be a series of romantic poems that are organized as a dialogue between a woman and her lover and therefore it tends to be interpreted from a natural point of view. We can get more understanding . . .

Bride of Christ: Explained

Owen Sypher February 8, 2018

What you need to know about the bride of Christ


What or who is the bride of Christ? What qualifications does it take to be included in the bride of Christ? What does the Bible tell us about being in the bride of Christ?


In your reading of God’s Word, have you ever asked yourself about the bride of Christ? Most of Christianity will . . .