The Power of Influence

Owen Sypher December 21, 2017

The Song of Solomon as a Body of Influence



The power of influence in our daily lives is undeniable. It can happen in the subtlest way like swaying a friend’s choice on food. Or it could manifest in a major way such as the cry of the masses affected by government decisions.


To have a deep und . . .

Keys in the Bible for Understanding God’s Word

Owen Sypher December 14, 2017

An investigation on the keys to the kingdom in the Bible for better understanding of God’s word



Keys of understanding are essential to fully grasp the meaning of the Scriptures. However, the idea of determining these keys can be confusing.


Regular keys unlock rooms, treasure boxes—importan . . .

Types and Shadows in the Songs of Solomon

Owen Sypher December 7, 2017

Discovering biblical types and shadows through the review of Songs of Solomon



Types and shadows have existed for as long as the earlier biblical texts came to light. However, despite its presence, a number of people may not even be aware of what these things may be. A person new to the concept would wonder . . .